The following parts or components for a custom gun are for sale individually.  Check back as we will be adding more items.

ACTIONS – Your choice $250 plus shipping.

1908 Brazilian

(SOLD) 1908 Brazilian – standard large ring ’98 action. Crest present on receiver ring. Clip slot removed, steel hinged bottom metal. Somebody practiced checkering on the bolt knob??

1909 Argentine

(SOLD) 1909 Argentine – standard large ring ’98 action. Receiver ground, steel hinged bottom metal, altered bolt.

1903 Turkish

(SOLD) 1903 Turkish short ’98 – Receiver has been ground, tang lowered, steel hinged bottom metal, new guard screws. Same as 1909 Peruvian with large ring and small barrel shank (0.98″ diameter).

ACTION – $400 plus shipping

1909 Argentine

1909 Argentine (German manufacture) with matching bolt. Blackburn trigger, Wisner safety, new guard screws, clip slot removed.

ACTION – $1050 plus shipping

(SOLD) 98 Mauser G33/40 Action – Blackburn bottom metal and trigger, Talley rings, bases and two-position safety, new guard screws, drilled and tapped, bolt stop and rear bridge altered.

Mauser G33/40 Right Side
Mauser G33/40 Left Side

ACTION – $450 plus shipping

Argentine ’09 Mauser Action

Argentine ’09 Mauser Action (German manufacture) – Matching bolt, Blackburn trigger, Wisner two-position safety, action ground, drilled and tapped, new guard screws, some alteration of guard assembly and bolt stop, tang lowered.

BARRELS – chrome moly, cut rifling (new)

SOLD – Krieger 257 barrel, 10 twist, 27″ long, 0.615″ muzzle, 1.250″ shank, 4140 steel.  $275 plus shipping.

Jim Baier (Half Moon Rifle Shop) barrel, 6 mm, 10 twist, 27″ long, 0.7000″ muzzle, 1.230″ shank, 4340 steel.  $275 plus shipping.


Left – unknown origin
Right – Spanish made

SOLD – Unknown origin (FN?). Nicely countered guard.  $50 plus shipping.

SOLD – Spanish made unit.  $25 plus shipping.